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There are nearly as many types of bathroom mirrors as there are types of bathrooms in the world. The type you choose will likely be based on the style of your bathroom, the amount of space you have to install it in, any special needs you may have for the space, and your personal taste. Costs of the mirror, as well as any installation costs, will vary depending upon the type of mirror you choose:

Medicine cabinets: medicine cabinets are one of the most common types of mirror used in bathrooms. A medicine cabinet opens to hold small items, and may include additional attributes such as plugs, medicine lock boxes, magnifying interior mirrors, and even refrigerated sections. A medicine cabinet may be mounted on the wall or recessed into it to give it the appearance of a flat mirror.

Framed Mirrors: framed mirrors are among the easiest to install and change out. The mirror itself is framed in wood, metal, plastic, tile, or stone and is usually hung like a picture from a hook on the wall.

Frameless mirrors: for a sleeker, more contemporary look you may want a frameless mirror, which has a beveled edge to the glass rather than a frame. Frameless mirrors come in all shapes and sizes; some mount straight to the wall, while others require special mounting hardware.

Pivot or Tilt Mirrors: both framed and frameless mirrors may come with a tilt option. This holds the mirror out from the wall slightly on either side, and allows the mirror to pivot or tilt up and down. This can enable a greater range of people to use the mirror, as shorter users can tilt the mirror toward themselves for a better view.

Ledge Mirrors: some mirrors may come with a built in ledge or shelf in the frame. This both gives the mirror a more substantial look and provides a place to hold small items like makeup or toothpaste.

Venetian Framed: venetian framed mirrors are a specific style that fits in well in powder rooms and formal bathrooms. They have a delicate, decorative frame that may also be mirrored to extend the look of the mirror.

Extending Mirrors: if you need additional access in the bathroom, you may want to look into an extending mirror. This mirror mounts securely to the wall, but pulls out on an extending arm to reach a user who may not be able to lean in close. They come in many sizes, and some may be mounted inside a medicine cabinet until needed.

Magnifying Mirrors: if you need a better view, you may want to invest in a magnifying mirror. Some mirrors may have a magnifying section, extending mirrors may have a double side with a magnifying option, and many medicine cabinets have a magnifying mirror inside.

Makeup/Shaving Mirror: if you need close up views for makeup or shaving, you may want to invest in a dedicated makeup or shaving mirror.

Lighted Vanity Mirror: meant to be mounted directly above a vanity or sink, some mirrors come with a built-in light bar across the top. Styles and sizes may be more constrained when adding this feature, and installation will be more time consuming as well.

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